5 kids Snacks – Friendly ways to get creative with their snacks

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Are you a Mother in trouble finding your Kids Snacks?

The hectic schedule:

We know how difficult it can be waking up in the morning for office work. The first thing that may come to your mind is your family’s breakfast. All the family nutrition needs have to be kept in mind. The clock is ticking and you start preparing for breakfast. During this haste, you miss out on making healthy kids snacks at home for lunch. If you face a similar situation at home then don’t worry, this blog is your one-stop solution to this problem!

Tasty snacks, choosy kids:

Choosy KidsKids are keen to try new things especially when it comes to food. A nutritious snack can bring a bright smile to their faces if done in a Freakin’ Healthy manner. Our school-friendly snacking options are great for preparing something out of the box. These lunchbox kids snacks can be your kid’s best snack time friend at school to give them a great energy boost for continuing their studies.

Attention Moms:

Now here comes the main part; how are you supposed to make organic snacks for kids? Freakin’ Healthy is here to the rescue! We have a great range of snacks that perfectly fits the criteria of your taste-conscious kids. Our snack ranges from spicy snacks like chili lime nuts to sweet fruit jellies made especially for your little ones. These snacks are tailored to the taste and nutrition requirements of your kids.

Snack Box idea:

Considering the great variety of snacks available, mixing and matching is all you need to do. Children don’t like monotony especially when it comes to snacks. We won’t let that happen no matter what. That’s why our chefs with a great variety of ingredients to produce unique snacks. You can order our variety box so that your kid can go to school with a different snack every day! It contains a wide range of healthy school snacks to buy.

Freakin’ Delicious:

You might be wondering about how Freakin’ Healthy always gets away in the most delicious manner with healthy snacks. The entire credit goes to our talented chefs who work with up to ten ingredients for a single snack. All these efforts are reflected in every snack that we have to offer. We never use unhealthy ingredients like preservatives, artificial flavoring, or coloring for our snacks. The Freakin’ Healthy snacking experience is completely guilt-free. Apart from that FreakIn Healthy also provides Healthy Meal Plan in Dubai, UAE.

Home Alone; the healthy snack problem

Leaving kids home:

Firstly, imagine this, you have an occasion to attend and don’t have enough time to cook for kids. Laziness might take your health plans over but we won’t let that happen. No need to worry at all! With our organic kid’s snacks, you can spend all the time dressing up without worrying about dinner. Just head to our website to select from a range of creative kid’s snacks. That junk food delivery services won’t bother your kids until Feakin’ Healthy is in town!

Let them experiment a bit:

Kids have a completely different way of viewing the world. Let him/her experiment with our school-friendly snacks like a raw chocolate granola bar or very berry granola bar along with ice-cream. You can also use our delicious fruit star jellies for dessert toppings. Let them choose their daily snacks for school themselves. Who knows, your kid might the next master-snack chef!

Creative food options:                                                                               

The curiosity of your little ones gave birth to many new ideas for snacks at Freakin’ Healthy. We have a special school-friendly snack range that offers a perfect lunch box replacement for kids. These snacks are nut-free. So that your kids are protected from nut-allergies too. If you are looking for creative kid’s snacks then you are at the right place.

 Where’s the solution at:

All these snack stories might get you drooling for our snacks but wait! Your health-conscious mind might be thinking of nasty ingredients like refined sugar, gluten, or preservatives by now. Always remember that you are ordering from Freakin’ Healthy. Our snacks do not contain any unhealthy ingredients because that’s how we are revolutionize snacking!

Hungry? Grab a healthy snack:

Having heard all these benefits, the wait for creative snacking solutions is finally over. Our healthy snacks for kids on the go are just one click away from you. Once you get these snacks delivered to your doorstep; make sure you use them wisely. Try to experiment a bit. Combine those raw chocolates with porridge for a power-packed breakfast. Or how about trying our healthy crackers with different sauces and dips? 

Freakin‘ Healthy for active kids snacks

Busy school routine:

Busy KidsBecause, long hours of studying at school can make your kid’s head go round and round. Freakin’ Healthy offers the best kid’s snacks during lunch breaks. Eating junk food is not an option when Freakin’ Healthy offers equally tasty snacks for kids. This will solve the daily snack for school problems for good. Math problems, that’s on you our dear parents.

Healthy demands of tiny athletes:

Children are always playing while running here and there. If hide and seek is your child’s favorite game then it is equally important to keep him fueled for some running action. Most importantly, healthy snacking is essential to nurture these delicate bones and growing bodies. Our school-friendly products and fruity stars have a great amount of calcium to ensure your child’s healthy growth.

Energy boost required:

The long day at school can be really draining for your youngsters. Just give your kids our school-friendly snacks and sings this to them: “If you are hungry and you know it grabs a snack *munch* *munch*”. Healthy snacks will provide a great energy surge to complete the remaining school activities effectively.

The birthday party is here:

Birthday Party SnacksHow can we forget this big day of our beautiful kids? Distributing those unhealthy and high sugar sweets are old-fashioned now. Freakin Healthy has good snacks for a birthday party too! Our Fruity Stars are a great way to put the shiny smiles of your birthday boy/girl for this special occasion. The raw chocolate bars can be a great birthday gift for your little ones.

Snack on the go:

In this fast-paced world, missing meals due to lack of time are usual. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we do it in a Freakin’ Quick fashion. Moreover, our bite-sized snacks are a quick nutritious treat in case your kid is running is in a hurry to catch the school bus. This is the exact reason why our health bars are a great way of offering creative snacks for your young ones.

Twinkle Twinkle little star, give me my health bar!

Raw Cacao – Chia seeds:

These nutritious snacks in our superfood bars category are filled with loads of chia seeds and raw Cocoa. Your kids can now satisfy their cravings for a sweet and power-packed snack anytime. Because, these delicious treats consist of an Almond biscuit base which is completely vegan and does not contain any gluten, wheat, or dairy additives.

Match Green Tea – Lemon:

Behold! A biscuit base topped with Matcha Green Tea and Lemon syrup to give it a sweet and sour taste. Because, your little ones can’t say no to this yummy kid’s snack. Therefore, this healthy vegetarian snack is going to make your child’s tongue go crash into the roof of his mouth with a pop sound. These wholesome bar snacks will be providing you with a great amount of protein too!

Goji Berry – Almond:

This health bar is tastier than it sounds. Dates, coconut, and sunflower seeds add to the flavor of this biscuit base which is topped with goji berries and almonds. This mouth-watering snack is then given sweet-tart highlights to develop a long-lasting aftertaste. This only makes you crave more of our healthy snacks for kids. It offers a unique berry-licious taste making it a great fruit snack for kids.

Tart Cherry – Cashew:

This cherry twist in our snack bars is truly worth trying. The hazelnut biscuit base is covered with tart cherry and cashew topping; to achieve the sweetness of this bar. This sweet taste is balanced by the sour notes and nutty creamy hints from the cashew toppings. Moreover, only one bite of this lunchbox snack is enough to make you crave for more. Name a more unique cherry and nut combo, we will wait.

Apple Pie Real Food Bar:

This new addition to the super bars offers a creative Freakin’ Healthy take on the famous apple pie, because the creativity with which this snack is made is admirable. This unique bar is made with the tastiest of apples combined with dates; almonds raisins; and hazelnuts. The finishing touch of cinnamon gives it a great aroma and enhanced taste. No refined sugars are added in this one-of-a-kind pie.

Your Freakin’ Healthy solutions:

Intelligent FoodsRefined Sugar, where?

Firstly, when it comes to preparing snacks for your kids, we make sure that every ingredient is Freakin’ Healthy. Our health promises are the same for all snacks. No refined sugar is important because this single ingredient can lead to obesity if overconsumed. That’s why all our snacks have no cholesterol or trans-fats in them. Your little ones can munch on our snacks whenever they are hungry, 100% guilt-free.

Party snacks incoming!

Secondly, your children truly deserve the best on such occasions. With the healthy snacking revolution spreading throughout the UAE, let’s eliminate all junk food options together for kids. You can use the mix and match technique to prepare healthy snacks for kid’s party.   Our wide snack range includes both savory snacks for kids and yummy sweet options like Fruity Stars.

Yes, Vegans. We got your back:

Thirdly, we know that vegans are always looking for great snacking options for kids. With our snacks, the famous saying; “Like father like son” will be followed here too. Because the apple does not fall away from the tree, all of our snacks are dairy and gluten-free. Educating your children about vegan food benefits goes hand in hand with our snacks. Your vision of a safer environment for animals will be safely transferred to your children too.

Great ingredients, every single time:

Moreover, there is no quality compromise, especially when serving creative snacks for kids. We love to keep things natural for daily snacks of kids. For that purpose, we have banished preservatives, artificial flavors, food coloring, and any other synthetic additives. This quality control promises the great nutritious content of our snack option for kids.

Powerful sourcing:

In conclusion, Here comes the easiest part. All these healthy snacking solutions are just one click away. All you have to do is to sit with your little one and show him the great snacks that we have to offer. Click on the “add to cart” button; once you are done with selecting creative snacks for kids. Your friendly neighborhood Freakin’ Healthy delivers at your doorstep in a hassle-free manner. Always remember that we deliver throughout the UAE.  Check here our Healthy Meal Plans in Dubai, UAE

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