Building Healthy Foods brand

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Our Founder of Freakin Healthy (Building Healthy Foods in Dubai) – Roy Koyess with Namita Ramani The “clean-eating” craze has reached new levels of popularity – just check out the 59 million #eatclean posts on Instagram if you don’t believe me. But unfortunately, most clean eating groceries, meal plans, and snacks come at a high price.đź’° Roy Koyess, Founder of Freakin’ Healthy; set out on a mission to remove the ‘elitist’ badge associated with healthy snacks and to make them mainstream, affordable, and delicious for everyone. đź’Ş Roy Koyees Freakin Healthy2-min Today, Freakin’ Healthy is one of the most popular healthy snacking companies in the Middle East. And it is stocked by all major retailers. What’s more, the brand even invites the hardest of cynics because it talks in their language. Also, Click here to view the full Building Healthy Foods PodCast.

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