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What exactly are healthy snacks, and how it can impact your health?

It is a new way of looking at snacks:

How many times do you munch on all those high-calorie snacks with almost no nutritional value added to them? Healthy Snacks are the complete opposite of junk food in terms of nutrition value; and it is equally satisfying for your taste buds if you order it from Freakin’ Healthy. We work day and night. So that we make sure that all of our customers are entirely satisfied with our products.

Nutritional benefits of consuming healthy snacks:

Most of the snacks served by Freakin’ Healthy have an abundance of vitamins, proteins, and good fats that are the ultimate way of living healthy. These snacks contribute to your dietary requirements that are usually left unnoticed because of a busy lifestyle. Well, worry no more because we, Freakin’ Healthy, getting your nutritional needs completely covered!

What goes inside in our 100% natural snacks:

If you are consuming a healthy snack. Then it must solely contain the ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve your wellbeing as they are entirely natural. Our chefs at Freakin’ Healthy give high priority to this fact when developing the recipes of our snacks. All of the ingredients used to make our snacks are high in nutritional value so that you get to consume nothing but the best.

Why you should opt for such snacks:

The recent times have changed the way we look at snacking. It’s not just limited to sugary, and oily meals any more that deteriorate your health day by day. Freakin’ Healthy is a pioneer when it comes to healthy snacks. Our introduction to this revolutionary snacking opportunity is something you don’t want to miss on.

Why we need to eat more healthy snacks:

With a staging 38 million people living with diabetes and 1.9 billion people who are overweight, the world is in desperate need of healthy snacking habits. A majority of these diseases are caused by unhealthy eating habits.

If you are unaware of how does healthy snacking feel like, let us guide you:

Healthy Snacks Vegan

The constituents of healthy snacks ensure that your snack meal is completely rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. All of the ingredients are carefully combined. So that we create a perfect balance of all the essential nutrients along with a great taste as well. Healthy snacks are free from refined sugars or unhealthy oils so that no compromise is made on your health. Forget the times when healthy snacks used to be boring in taste! Freakin’ Healthy has completely solved this problem by coming up with brilliant recipes for snacks. Our products come in a great variety of flavors ranging from sweet snacks like chocolate figs squares, almond, and chocolate-dipped peanuts, chewy peanut butter squares, chocolate-covered coffee to the chili-lime nuts, crunchy olive crackers, crunchy zaatar crackers. We know how to satisfy your cravings that vary according to your mood and daily activities!

Great variation in the shapes, portion sizes, and types of snacks:

No matter how versatile your snacking habits are, Freakin’ Heathy has a great variety of snacks for you to choose from. We have 8 different categories of snacking items which contain lots of snacks, all of them provide you with a unique taste and health benefits. All of these variations are exceptionally nutritious. Freakin’ Healthy offers very yummy snacks to make sure that you are never limited to certain options while consuming healthy snacks.

It is healthy for people of all age groups:

Happy family

Healthy snacking can never be limited to certain health freaks only. All of these snacks must be viable for eating by everyone; an adult who is working hard at the office, your little ones who go through a rigorous learning environment, or a gym enthusiast planning to give his best for a workout. Moreover, Freakin’ Healthy has a range of nut-free snacks so, that people with nut allergies can enjoy the healthy snacking experience as well!

Offers a great variety in terms of nutrients as well:

Healthy snacks must be enriched in all the necessary nutrients required for a healthy body. The wide variation of snacks at Freakin’ Healthy keeps these criteria in mind. Hence, we offer products that are rich in protein, carbohydrates, good fats, and fiber that helps you in developing a healthy immune system.

Let us further enlighten you by sharing what are the qualities of healthy snacking?

School Friendly:

School Friendly Snacks

Are you facing the difficulty of preparing something healthy for your kids but are unable to do so because of a tight daily morning schedule? Worry no more because Freakin’ Healthy has the perfect solution for your problem! We have designed a variety of snacks that are “School Friendly” offering you a yummy yet healthy lunch options that your choosy son/daughter can enjoy during lunch break. Tell them to share it with their friends too so that they also know what snacking healthy feels like!

Contains no harmful ingredients:

Healthy snacks must be free from artificial and freshness enhancing materials like preservatives or gluten. Who needs preservatives! When you are using clean ingredients that are prepared in a hygienic environment? Or gluten when your talented chefs know how healthy ingredients work their magic if combined carefully? Freakin’ Healthy has all the answers for your healthy snacking requirements!

It is 100% vegan and GMO-free:

There must not be the addition of any animal-related products. That can cause the exclusion of vegans from consuming healthy snacks. We at Freakin’ Healthy are animal lovers. Moreover, we believe that animals must not go through any suffering while providing us with delicious snacks. This not only helps the creatures in our environment but adds a new health dimension to our snacks of being low in saturated fats that are unhealthy for you! Significantly Delicious: The inclusion of nutrition does not mean the exclusion of taste-buds-satisfaction at all. An ideal healthy snack must be a treat for your palate. If you are looking for such snacks then you are in the right place! All of our snacks will leave you in complete awe and you won’t be able to stop yourself from eating them frequently. With all the nutritional benefits and guilt-free dietary values, nothing is stopping you from healthy snacking!

Completely Guilt-free:

Preservative Free

The entire range of healthy snacks products being offered by Freakin’ Healthy! offers a completely balanced diet. There are no refined sugars, gluten or preservatives added to it so whenever you indulge in eating our delicious snacks, there is no regret for eating something unhealthy just to pass your snacking time.

What exactly are Freakin’ Healthy snacks offering that fits the healthy snacking criterion?

Snacking Essentials:

As the name of our brand suggests. These are some must-have healthy snacks that are guaranteed to brighten your snack time. Freakin’ Healthy knows that your healthy lifestyle cannot be sustained from limited snacking options. Keeping this in mind, snacking essentials offers you a wide variety of snacks for a guilt-free snacking experience.

Nut butter bites:

Nut Butter BitesThese snacks offer you a delicious squared shaped snack that is high in protein, Omega-3, and fiber with a good amount of carbohydrates that will provide you with an instant boost of energy. It is a range of delicious snacks for you to have on the go!

Raw chocolates:

Freakin Healthy Raw ChocolateForget those regular chocolates that are prepared with dairy and lots of refined sugars. We offer you a complete range of healthy chocolate bars made with 70% raw cocoa that will kick start your brain activity after a hectic time at the office. These chocolate bars come with a different variation that has goji berries, cacao nibs, and toasted coconut added to them for greater health benefits. Raw chocolates also serve as a great gift for your loved ones, reflecting how much you care for their health and well-being.

Snack Bars:

snack barsSnack Bars are specifically designed for grabbing the snack on the go. This also provides a great energy boost when you need it the most. These are not your average snack bars! Made with 100% natural ingredients with no addition of gluten, eggs, dairy products, or sugar; it a great substitute for sweet energy-bars that are high in sugars with no nutritional value to offer.

Fruity Stars:

Freakin Healthy Fruity StarsThis snack range is specifically designed for your little one to enjoy. Above all it offers three different flavors of natural fruit jellies made with real fruit; strawberry, apple, and raspberry fruit stars. These healthy snacks for kids come with the same promise of being completely wholesome. With no added refined sugar, GMO, and any artificial coloring or flavors.

How Freakin’ Healthy is revolutionizing the world of healthy snacks?

Freakin Healthy Snacks

Removing the high-price tags associated with eating healthy:

Firstly, we have always worked towards the goal of manufacturing affordable and sustainable snacks for your healthy wellbeing. Thanks to Freakin’ Healthy, you don’t have to pay a large amount of money. Secondly, we usually provide you with small proportions of healthy snacks. All of our snacking range comes in variable portion sizes. Thirdly, and most importantly, we try to offer all our snacks at an economical rate so that you snack smartly!

Portion control and bite-sized snacks:

Freakin’ Healthy is here to change your healthy snacking experience by giving you portion control, and convenience for your snacks as well. The oversized portions of junk foods can lead to obesity and other harmful diseases. When you are ordering snacks from our healthy snack shop online. Be rest assured that you are being provided with the most feasible healthy snacking options available throughout the UAE.

Snacks with benefits:

The term “Snacks with benefits” truly highlights the way we look at revolutionizing the way people look at snacks. The ingredients we use for manufacturing our snacks, along with the promise of no harmful products added; adds to the nutritional benefits that our snacks provide.

Providing healthy snacks throughout the UAE:

With the powerful and effective sourcing network of Freakin’ Healthy, buying healthy snacks is not difficult anymore. Not only are we offering a great economical value for our products. But are also providing you with the facility of snacking anytime, anywhere in Dubai. You can place your order at the comfort of your sofa with only a few clicks at our online shop.

Talented chefs who work with a variety of ingredients:

In Conclusion, to include the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. The chefs at Freakin’ Healthy cook with up to 10 ingredients for a single recipe! Moreover, all of our efforts are worth it when we deliver you these beautifully crafted snacks. That will make you reconsider all the bad snacking habits that you had before. This range of ingredients and the corresponding taste that they have to offer is what makes our snacks truly unique! Follow Us Now: Freakin Healthy FacebookFreakin Healthy Instagram

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