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You must be wondering, “Why Freakin’ Healthy?”. Well, we are here to answer all your questions. With a ton load of rationales for the world to prefer Freakin’ Healthy (Vegan and Healthy brand) over any other snacking place, we are sure that by the time we reach the end of this you will be pretty much convinced of our reasons.

Snacking Essentials:

Preparing a vegan and healthy snack for breakfast is often hard. So, instead of skipping this very important meal, you can grab a snack on the go. Our snacking essentials provide you with a tasty and wholesome meal, full of all the essential nutrients. Rich in fiber, these granola bars slow down the movement of food through your digestive tract, leading to reduced hunger and controlling your urge to eat an unhealthy amount of junk food. Now available in many flavors such as Choco figs, very berry, and peanut butter, to choose from. Order now!

Protein Balls:

Prepared by mixing Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Organic and Natural Cocoa Powder, and held together in round shaped balls by Coconut Nectar and Coconut Oil, we present our range of the mighty Protein Balls. This high protein, vegan and healthy snacks are topped with different toppings that include Almond Coconut, Choco Hazelnut, and Raw Chocolate. These good protein snacks offer 9 grams of protein per 60 grams of serving to make sure that you always are full of proteins to ensure the healthy growth of all your muscles, bones, and tissues.

Superfood Bars:

These snacks are dubbed as the Health Bars and they definitely deserve to be called so. Presenting our superfood snack bars range. These vegan and healthy packaged snacks consist of an Almond biscuit base made with Dates, coconut, and sunflower seeds which is then topped with Tart Cherry & Cashew, Raw Cacao & Chia Seeds, Goji Berry & Almond, and Matcha Green Tea & Lemon. Offering 9 grams of protein per 40 grams of serving, it will be hard to choose which flavor to go with. Prayers for your warring thoughts.

Nutt butter bites:

The Nut Butter bites are a match made for your funkiness, with a seasoning of three-layered wholesomeness. The bites have a Hazelnut biscuit base, which is the perfect gluten-free snack for kids and adults and comes in many flavors like Coconut, Peanut Butter, and Almonds and nut butter bites. The nutty biscuit base is packed with nutrients that help decrease blood fat levels, regulate blood pressure, and improve your sugar levels. So, get a bite of these vegan and healthy snacks because they are exclusive to Dubai.

Vegan and Healthy!

Giving back to society:

Earth is like a mother to all the 7 billion humans living on this planet. It provides us shelter, food, and everything necessary for the survival of the human race. Perhaps it’s time to give something back in return. Adopting to vegan ways make sure that the naturality of mother Earth is preserved and we stay healthy!

Why should you adopt vegan food?

Increasingly people are converting to earth-friendly vegan ways. This is because of the many health benefits plant-based diet offers. Rich in essential nutrients, vegan food reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes, boosts your mood, and helps achieve optimum body weight. Your skin will also benefit from such a rich diet and the risk of arthritis can also be reduced. Try our vegan granola bars to be sure.

Plant Protein vs Animal Protein:

Enough debate has revolved around what is the best source of protein. Although plant-based protein lacks some of the essential nutrients as compared to protein obtained from animal sources. This deficiency can be countered by having a mix of plant-based food so that each component covers up for the deficiency of other ingredients. These high protein snacks also have extended health benefits, in contrast to animal-based protein, which only provides protein.

Freakin’ Gluten Free:

Gluten is a group of proteins that can be bad for your health. Gluten can cause fatigue, bloating, alternating constipation, and diarrhea to severe diseases such as unintentional weight loss, malnutrition, or intestinal damage. For precisely this reason it is important that the use of gluten be made redundant. Freakin’ Healthy’s gluten-free snacks for kids and adults are safe and healthy.

Alternatives to dairy products:

When we think about snacks such as chocolate, peanut butter, etc., the first thing that comes to mind is dairy additives. As much as vegans hate dairy products, it is pretty much impossible to avoid them. For this reason, Freakin’ Healthy has prepared butter with coconut extracts and has made use of completely natural oils to make the healthiest snacks. Our healthy low-fat snacks are bound to take your breath away.

Bidding farewell to sweet sugar?

Why not refined sugar?

Refined sugar is a topic that has surrounded itself with a lot of hate as food science has progressed. It contains a ton full of calories, which in case of diabetes or related diabetic conditions increases blood sugar and poses a risk for heart diseases. Sugar can also lead to obesity. Such nasty ingredients cannot come anywhere near Freakin’ Healthy snacks!

Long term effects of sugar:

When sugar is consumed in large amounts over a long period of time, it leaves long-lasting footprints on your health. Over time it can lead to a higher concentration of fat, which further leads to fatty liver and also is a known factor to diabetes, eventually damaging the heart. Excessive amounts of sugar intake raise blood pressure and increase inflammation.

The holy natural sweeteners:

Naturally occurring sweeteners are an efficient alternative to sugar. They bear a comparatively more delicious sweetness and are very rich in nutrition. Freakin’ Healthy has made use of natural sweeteners to make sugar completely redundant. So when you go to get our healthy snacks online, buy them guilt-free!

Sugar-free variety at Freakin’ Healthy:

Given how much harmful and deteriorating sugar has proved itself for health, Freakin’ Healthy has taken to natural sweeteners to make their products. All the snacks from snacking essentials to fruity bars are completely sugar-free. Our Raw Chocolate definitely wins the title of non-sugar snacks. This chocolate has been prepared with 70% cocoa so that its natural taste is preserved. No sugar or dairy additives have been used. The pure; raw; and unprocessed cocoa makes sure that all the flavonoids; that are otherwise lost in the processing of chocolate; reach you.

Juicy Vegan and Healthy Fruit Bars:

The fruity bars are the epitome of our sugar-free character. Undoubtedly the best jelly in town, these snacks are made from pure fruit extracts. These healthy snacks for kids are a must-have if you want to keep your naughty children busy. Available in three different flavors, Apple, Raspberry, and Strawberry, to choose from, these healthy snacks are absolutely free from refined sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors, thus bringing the natural fruit flavor to your doorstep.


 What are Preservatives?

Preservatives have been long used in history for storing food. It increases the shelf life of the snacks. Preservatives are substances or chemical compounds that slow down the decay of food by destroying the microbes that cause the decay or by influencing some decaying chemical reactions. As is obvious, while the preservative destroys the bad bacteria and microbes in a nutritious snack, it also attacks the nutrients in the snack thus decreasing the health content.

Abandoning preservatives:

Anything that influences the nutritional content of healthy snacks can directly attack your health. Preservatives can trigger breathing problems such as asthma and bronchitis. It also weakens the heart tissues which may turn into a severe problem in aged people. Preservatives are sometimes cancerous and can cause obesity too. Therefore, it is best to avoid preservatives and turn to natural ingredients that are long-lasting and have natural preserving tendencies in them such as nuts. Freakin’ Healthy makes excellent use of these natural preservatives to bring you the best healthy snacks at home.

Farewell Artificial flavors!

Many of the snacks and fast food we see around us contains loads and loads of artificial flavors. These synthetic additives have become increasingly hard to avoid, even though they pose tremendous risks for your health.  These artificial flavors can trigger allergic reactions, cause hypersensitivity, and can worsen asthmatic symptoms; therefore, it is best to avoid artificial flavors. Freakin’ Healthy has prepared low-calorie meals without using any synthetic additives to bring the excellence it promises.

Long-lasting snacks:

Whereas natural preservatives are hard to find and expensive as compared to artificial preservatives that are easily available, Freakin’ Healthy has not compromised on the health priorities of its customers. We have used natural preservatives present in the ingredients of our snack bars to increase the shelf life of these snacks. Snacks that are made of nuts are naturally long-lasting and can be stored for a greater amount of time.

Fresh’ Fruits:

Artificial flavors have no power in the realm of Freakin’ Healthy. Our fruity bars use pure fruit concentrates to make a jelly based form, which is available as a regular snack. These pure fruit concentrates make sure that the snacks make use of all-natural preservatives present in the ingredients without the need for any synthetic additives.

Freakin’ Healthy is one click away!

Visit us online:

Firstly, we are well aware of the fact of how lazy has this pandemic made you. Well, you are in luck because Freakin’ Healthy has transformed itself into a one-stop solution for all your cravings. Visit us online at https://freakinhealthy.com/ to browse our online web store and look for snacks that interest you.

Wide range of snacks to choose from:

Secondly, as mentioned above too, Freakin’ Healthy has a wide range of options waiting for you just a click away. From Snacking essentials to fruity bars, we have covered every flavor that exists, sweet, sour, crunchy, nutty, mild, salty, soft, jelly, and anything and everything you might crave for. We also offer the decently packed variety boxes, which are available in two variants to suit your needs, offering different snacks for you to stock and eat for a long time.

Order online:

Thirdly, going all the way down to a store to shop for snacks is an old school. We have a better option, just visit our online web store, browse the snack you love the most, and hit order. We will have the solution to your cravings packed and sent right over.

Great customer service!

Moreover, Freakin’ Healthy has made it easy for you to order and get done with the process. We accept credit and debit cards as payment options. Your information is not stored in our system; to ensure your privacy. We have quite an accommodating refund policy that promises you either get the right product or get your money back. However, our rigorous process of clearing shipments makes sure that no damaged or wrong products are sent out.

Delivering to your doorstep:

In conclusion, we deliver the most nutritious snacks anywhere and anytime in Dubai. The delivery time depends on the shipping address, however, Freakin’ Healthy promises that all your snacks must reach you in time, depending on your location, no delivery takes more than 2 days to get delivered.

If  you want to buy  our product Snacking Essentials in UAE , you can buy with confidence from here.

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