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The Freakin’ Story and the love for Protein Balls

How the revolution started:

This blog won’t be less than any origin story so fasten your seat belts because we are going back to the future. All of this started with one basic idea: breaking misconceptions regarding healthy eating. Nearly thirty percent of the world’s population is facing obesity. The people having diet issues are much greater than that, so who will solve this mess now? Well, Freakin’ healthy protein balls are here to the rescue!

What we aim for:

Our aim is to prove three things regarding healthy nutritious snacks: it must not be boring, tasteless, or of low quality. Because, all these misconceptions have led people in believing that healthy snacking is just a boring solution for their diet problems. Our wide variety of snacks are specifically designed to challenge these misconceptions.

Freakin’ Healthy, every single time:

We deliver on all our health promises, always! The entire range of our on the go healthy snacks is completely vegan and free from harmful ingredients. None of the snacks contains gluten, preservatives, artificial flavors, coloring or palm oils. It will always be a healthier decision no matter which snack you decide to go with.

For the love of Protein Balls!

These delicious delights serve up to 9 grams of protein for each 60-gram serving. All this protein with no added refined cane sugar or gluten. Yes, you heard that right! Our protein balls are 100% plant-based too so that vegans don’t miss out on all that protein.  In addition, we went with no added protein powder for this range, making the taste even that much better!

Promises delivered:

Peanut Butter Protein BallsWe have been successfully able to revolutionize the entire healthy snacking industry. No matter which snack you decide to buy, all of them are tasty, anti-boring, and made with high-quality ingredients only. Worrying about the price tag already? You are in for a surprise because we offer all this at a really high value, you will definitely find something in our portfolio that suits both your wallet and tastebuds.

Diving deep into the Ingredients

In the kitchen:

The most important part of Freakin’ Healthy: the healthy snack making kitchen. It is populated by some of the most talented chefs who think outside the box while creating edible masterpieces. All of this cooking is done in a controlled and hygienic environment to ensure the highest of quality standards.

Our chefs:

They are a huge part of the Freakin’ Healthy heart and soul if you ask me. The core team of ours  creates unbelievably tasty and healthy snacks every single time. Their creativity is reflected in all of our delicious snacks that brighten your day. They work with a number of clean ingredients to ensure that taste and nutrition go hand in hand.

Top-quality, always!

The ingredients used for producing our healthy snacks are always clean. That’s the reason we don’t add preservatives! This high quality also gives that mouth-watering taste to our snacks that make your cravings go through the roof!

Nasty ingredients, where?

Just as promised, all of our snacks contain no harmful ingredients. All of our snacks are vegan with absolutely no refined sugar added, no palm oils, no emulsifiers and no junk. Raw chocolate or apple pie, all of our snacks have 0 grams of cholesterol or trans-fat.

What’s cooking?

We cook all the flavors you might be looking for. In the mood for something spicy? Try our chili lime nuts. Craving something sweet at night? Try our amazing raw chocolates. Don’t forget to check our savory crackers too!

Why Healthy Snacks?

What are these healthy snacks?

Healthy snacking is a completely new way of staying healthy. Eating a proper healthy diet will help you both mentally and physically. It is the new cool. If you are not eating the right nutrition, all that hard work at the gym would go down the drain. Making the right decision today will lead to beautiful tomorrow!

Why eat these snacks?

With today’s lifestyle being mostly on the go and with little time for a balanced healthy diet. Most of us tend to grab whatever is available or handy to satiate our hunger, this is where grabbing the wrong unhealthy snack will do us wrong. with Freakin’ Healthy’s better for you snack portfolio, we do the thinking for you. You can be sure that we created the cleanest tastiest snack, check us out on our online healthy snack shop.

Revolutionizing the way you eat:

A change from within reflects in many ways. A healthy diet promoted mindfulness along with great physical strength for a Freakin’ active lifestyle. Healthy snacking can truly change your perspective of self-care for the better. We are here to make your new-year resolution pass-through from January to December.

Your one-stop solution for snacking healthy:

So that you are finally here, have a look at what we have to offer. Moreover, Freakin’ Healthy has got you completely covered with its great healthy snack range including Snacking Essentials; Chocolate Nut Butter Bites; Protein Balls; Health Bars; Raw Chocolates; Snack Bars; and Fruity Stars. All of these healthy snacks are unique in their own way. So, do check all of them!

Why include Protein Balls in everyday snacking?

Freakin Nutritious

Freakin’ Nutritious:

The protein in this delicious vegan treat is clean. Each ball has 2g to 3g of pure protein derived from nuts. There are no added refined sugars, additives, emulsifiers, palm oils,

or animal products. This ensures that our protein balls are clean and make you feel great. This high protein snack is a perfect replacement for those high-calorie desserts.

Great Flavors:

Our Protein balls come in 4 flavors. YES! The fourth one is a new introduction to the Freakin’ Healthy snacking family. Furthermore, these flavors are Choco Hazelnut, Almond Coconut, Raw Chocolate, and Peanut Butter. No need to eat those high-calorie peanut butter sandwiches that are rich in fats, with almost no nutritional value. If you are a peanut butter lover and health-conscious. Most peanut butter snacks and balls in the market have palm oils, added refined cane sugar, and other nasties. Not our Freakin’ Healthy® Peanut Butter Balls.

Perfect for breakfast:

Waking up in the morning and making a good nutritional breakfast can be challenging. Don’t worry, we won’t let those lazy mornings affect your diet plan! Protein balls are the perfect breakfast if you are looking for a protein-rich breakfast. Its sweet flavor will kick start your day. The proteins will provide you with the energy you need until lunchtime.

Snacking healthy is NOT boring:

Who says you have to drink those tasteless protein shakes to grow muscles? If you think so too, do try our protein balls to experience for yourself. These delicacies come in a variety of delicious flavors. Imagine eating all of that 80% raw chocolate with perfectly roasted hazelnut, peanut, almonds, and coconut. All of these flavors offer a great amount of protein!

Your perfect workout partner:

Our protein balls are made from natural ingredients so that you don’t negate all that hard work you put in the gym by eating unhealthily. These rich and delicious protein balls will fuel you for a great workout and will give you a great post work out snack option.

Protein Balls make the perfect Clean-Friendly Snack

Your health, our promise:

Because the main objective of Freakin’ Healthy is to create a healthy snacking experience for you. This motto is the vision we have for our customers. All of our snacks are designed to nurture you from the inside. Moreover, health is usually thought of in silos, either only exercise, or only diet or only mental. We believe that health must be holistic by looking at nutrition, physical, and mental health together.

Clean Ingredients:

You might be wondering about where these high-in-protein balls are made. Are there any nasty ingredients we are hiding from you? Or is it just like all the other high-calorie snacks in the market? Absolutely NOT! Check out the clean ingredient list used for this snack at the back of the pack. Nothing hidden!

Vegan paradise:

All of our snacks are 100% vegan. You don’t have to miss out on any protein because you chose to eat plant-based only. Try our anti-boring snacks for your snacking time.  Between us, if we hadn’t told you that we’re vegan you would have never guessed.

Clean performance:

Like many athletes who must keep their lifestyle and bodies clean in order to perform. Furthermore, our Protein Balls are made from clean ingredients that will work well with your healthily lifestyle and performance goals. More and more; we’re seeing a number of international athletes rely on a vegan or plant-based diets and proteins to ensure a healthy clean lifestyle.

What we have to offer

Presenting the new champ! Peanut Butter Protein Balls:

Firstly, let us present to you the new superstar of the protein ball show: The Freakin’ Healthy® Peanut Butter Protein Ball! Moreover, in a year like 2020, this is the best news a peanut butter lover might hear. This snack won’t be far away from your reach as we will be launching it across your favorite supermarkets, gyms, cafes, and online platforms…and of course on our website.  No matter if you are a fitness freak or healthy snack enthusiast, or just looking for the best tasting peanut butter snack, this snack is bound to leave your taste buds in awe!

Raw Chocolate Protein Balls:

Secondly, it is a unique mixture of almonds, cashew nuts, and natural cocoa powder, and rich raw chocolate! All of these ingredients are rolled into delicious bite-size morsels lightly sweetened with our Organic Coconut Nectar and then dunked into the richest and creamiest raw chocolate. The raw chocolate is made in house so you can enjoy our health promises.

Almond Coconut Protein Balls:

Thirdly, the Almond and Coconut mixture is transformed into gorgeous little balls and then dipped into our very own in-house raw chocolate. This healthy cocoa mixture is one of the 8 wonders of Freakin’ Healthy. These rich in protein snacks are a must for any on the go snacker. And don’t worry, you get all of this without compromise on the taste or the quality we have to offer!

Choco hazelnut protein balls:

In conclusion, this protein ball is a unique mixture of hazelnuts, almonds, and dates. It is shaped into cute balls and then dipped into drooling raw chocolate. Imagine having this great snack with zero added refined sugar or preservatives. No wheat, eggs, gluten, or other dairy additives are added to fulfill our 100% vegan snack promise. This is a must-have if you are a true fan of hazelnuts.


Don’t wait, order now:

Orange is the new Peanut Butter! Freakin’ Healthy’s new Peanut Butter Protein Balls are in town. You can get these delicious healthy snacks delivered to your doorstep with our efficient delivery services. Head to our healthy snacks shop online to order our delicious protein balls!

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